Web Application Vulnerabilities and Avoiding Application Exposure

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The introduction of BIG-IP® Application Security Manager (ASM) version 9.4.2 marks a major step forward. BIG-IP ASM now offers more features that are easier to use than prior versions, enabling more granular inspection and policy specification, and helping to maintain its position at the vanguard of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs). In truth, BIG-IP ASM version 9.4.2 is more than just a WAF. This version of BIG-IP ASM moves toward the concept of Application Delivery Security, enabling any back-end application—not just traditional web applications like most WAFs do currently—to benefit from its protection. Much like the other products in the BIG-IP line, BIG-IP ASM is part of an end-to-end strategy that integrates security into a high-performance application delivery structure. Security is not about the way communication occurs with the client, it’s about the data that goes to the client.
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Web Application Vulnerabilities and Avoiding Application Exposure

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