Web Application Security: The Overlooked Vulnerabilities

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Are you adequately protecting the web applications that your business depends on? Software flaws are rapidly becoming the vulnerabilities of choice to attackers determined to exploit mission critical systems. However, it isn’t just vulnerabilities in the web applications that organizations need to be concerned about. Vulnerabilities across the entire enterprise application stack—including web and application servers, databases and operating systems—that form the foundation for web applications, also need to be addressed. Publicity around breaches and regulatory pressures are pushing web application security further in the spotlight. Traditional approaches to web application security, including web application firewalls, and web security modules, can be costly and complex, and do not ultimately protect the entire application stack. Host-based intrusion defense with deep packet inspection is a new approach that addresses the need of organizations to shield vulnerabilities across the entire application stack.
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Web Application Security: The Overlooked Vulnerabilities

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