FoxHole Manual

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The FoxHole is designed for the advanced users who want full control over the filesystem of their phone. They can also use it to store their files in a secure manner. The FoxHole is not an encrypting software. It creates a virtual drive from multimedia files and can store the user’s sensitive files in these multimedia files. It works with the so-called steganography methods (data hiding techniques). While the traditional data-hiding techniques can store only very little data (they use only one store-file) it was time to develop a technology that enables the user to handle more files together. Thus came the idea of a virtual drive that can be seen as a newly created drive under the name Hole. This data-storing methods only modify, but not demage the original files. For example an audio file remains seemingly untouched. But many rewriting can seriously degrade the quality of multimedia files.
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FoxHole Manual

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