Hacking Wireless Networks

WIDZ - The Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Hacking Wireless Networks Internet Security Whitepapers

WIDZ version 1 is a proof of concept - It is not up to the standards of (and was never intended to be) great software packages like Snort etc that you might find on FreshMeat and sourceforge. Even given this, the code was very late – as its development has been bogged down by a series of trials some technical, some managerial – For this I apologise but its understandably hard to make time for “home time” development projects when the department that it took you ten years to build up has become a pawn in your boss’ power games (well boo hoo, pull yourself together man) None-the-less WIDZ had some very fresh ideas when it was conceived. We started by intentorising the network – then we studied our own wireless pentests and forensic reviews to establish what is attacked, and how.

Wireless Access Points and ARP Poisoning

Hacking Wireless Networks Internet Security Whitepapers

Wireless networks, specifically 802.11b, have received a tremendous amount of interest and scrutiny from the security community over the past few months. The security community agrees that wireless networks introduce a new point of entry into previously closed wired networks and must thus be treated as an untrusted source, just like the Internet. Standard technologies enable wireless client machines to connect to a local area network made up of other wireless hosts. For wireless networking to be most useful, the wireless networks must pass data on to standard wired networks connected to the Internet. This paper describes the application of a well understood class of attacks on wired networks to the emerging mix of wired and wireless networking equipment.