Introduction to the SECURITY-SCIENCE Security Policy and Procedure Project

SECURITY-SCIENCE is in the process of completing a Manual of Policies and Procedures that will help every company implement CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability) of information in all levels of management.

Information is an extremely valuable and an equally important company asset. It is essential to every company’s core business. Information assets, however created, processed, used, stored, and transmitted, should be risk assessed, classified and protected against all kinds of threats that would compromise its CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability), in accordance to the company’s information security requirements.

Welcome to the SECURITY-SCIENCE Security Policy Resource page, a compiled research project of the SECURITY-SCIENCE team. The ultimate goal of this project is to offer everything you need for swift development and implementation of information security policies. You'll find a great set of policies posted here, including, but is not limited to, procedures and guidelines, that you can easily align to your company’s security requirements.

There is no cost for using these resources. It’s all compiled, readily available to suit your business needs. It also offers a primer for those new to policy development and specific guidance on policies related to legal requirements.

This page will continue to be a work in-progress and the policy templates will be living documents. We hope you will share policies that your organization has written if they reflect a different need from those provided here or if they do a better job of making the policies brief, easy to read, feasible to implement, and effective.

We'll make improvements and add new resources and sample policies and procedures as we discover them.

About the Project Director

Many IT professionals, including security officers, have learned how to handle security processes from Arnel C. Reyes. His IT certifications, local and international, especially those that involve information security courses, have proven to be the solid foundation that paved way to his remarkable experience as a tough security professional for many companies. Over the years he has developed and implemented dozens of policies, he is always open to new ways of approaching problems and new ways of improving security.

Do You Have a Question Regarding Information Security Policies or Something to Contribute?

Announcing the SECURITY-SCIENCE Policy Email Hotline. If you have a question regard security policies or want to share a sample policy or a resource site you feel worth of mention, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Need an Example Policy or Template?

Some tips about these policies. Anything that is in <angle brackets> should be replaced with the appropriate name from your organization. Any policy name that is in italics is a reference to a policy that is also available on this site.
   Acceptable Use Policy CLICK HERE DOC | PDF
   Anti-Virus Policy CLICK HERE DOC | PDF
   Cellular Phone Issuance and Accountability Policy CLICK HERE DOC | PDF
   Electronic Mail (Email) Policy CLICK HERE DOC | PDF
   Password Protection Policy CLICK HERE DOC | PDF
   Software Compliance Policy CLICK HERE DOC | PDF
... ... ...