Founded by Arnel C. Reyes in 2008, SECURITY-SCIENCE.COM is the professional's IT global security portal. We are a community of highly educated security professionals who hold technical and corporate management positions, and are focused on the security science technology growth sector.

SECURITY-SCIENCE.COM is committed to provide its users with the most comprehensive global source for impartial security intelligence, industry news and expert insights in technology, commerce and legislation.

We bridge technology marketers and communities of professionals and executives by offering information crucial to all phases of decision making related to security technology.

SECURITY-SCIENCE.COM is a world-class meeting place for the security business community and practitioners, utilizing our own virtual meeting platforms and our partner social networks.

Our portal serves as a business exchange incubator that supports all types of security projects, ranging from micro projects to mature technologies. We are dedicated to initiating, boosting and facilitating commerce in security in a massive scale that will make a difference in the global landscape.

Our venue is organized into six major channels:

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Global Internet Security News Global Internet Security News
Elevates people's awareness level by providing the most informative security related news and events, which includes, but is not limited to, financial and business security, information and technology security, as well as corporate and individual security worldwide.
Information Security Information Security
Security Policy Resource page, a compiled research project of the SECURITY-SCIENCE team. The ultimate goal of this project is to offer everything you need for swift development and implementation of information security policies. You'll find a great set of policies posted here, including, but is not limited to, procedures and guidelines, that you can easily align to your company’s security requirements.
Internet Security Tools Internet Security Tools
State of the art security technology solutions (software, hardware, appliances and gadgets--including HOWTOs and guidelines) for computer and network defense, perimeter protection and environment security and safety.
Learn Internet Security Science Learn Internet Security Science
Provides superior security education on how to counter attack security risks, threats and vulnerabilities by using the most advanced techniques practiced and put into application by professional hackers, forensics, investigators and penetration testers.
Grokker - Technology Encyclopedia Hackopedia
A free security encyclopedia for computer, Internet and security terms and definitions created, researched, reviewed and maintained by Security-Science.
Internet Security Experts - Knowledge Exchange Internet Security Experts
An avenue for exchanging knowledge and KNOW-HOWs which allows users to interact with each other for mutual assistance and support by collaborating, asking, answering and sharing information about security related issues and concerns that benefit everyone.

These are packed with extensive views on anything and everything concerning information security, computer protection, personal security and family safety, among others.

We are very confident that we are the only one-stop shop for information that provides immediate access to a gamut of resources – the most informative security-related news and events as they happen; the most effective IT infrastructure security techniques; superior security education on counterattacking security risks, threats and vulnerabilities; and state-of-the-art security technology solutions, including security certification training resources, security standard compliance, webcasts, white papers, podcasts, and a selection of highly focused security newsletters.
While we value being the one-stop shop for the most indispensable resources on security science, we are also proud to offer information promoting sustainable eco-IT solutions that demonstrate how clean technology can make green living possible.

The business of security holds paramount importance to succeeding generations, hence we are providing a free online professional business directory for security companies worldwide to help empower people through information.